Some Valuable Questions You Can Ask Before Hiring A Travel Guide

It is exiting to hear a tour guide explain the context of a place you visited for the first time. With many people willing to travel alone, it’s not a bad idea to travel with a guide and attain a totally different kind of experience. 

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If you can consider hiring guide for any upcoming trip, here are few questions you can ask before finalising on the tour. 

Know the details about the trip before finalizing?

Going to a new place can be quite fascinating. However, if the tour is on a topic that you already know like for example if you are a chef and you are taken to a place that is all about art and cooking you may not find it exciting or adventurous. On the other hand, an amateur who has no knowledge on the same topic will find the trip to be interesting. However, this may not always be the case but knowing and understanding about the trip in detail before finalising can be helpful. 

Knowing your guide

Knowing your guide is as important as knowing the details about your trip. Who is your guide and also the speciality of the individual and is he a knowledgeable historian? A well-known local guide who knows the story of the place you visited? It is extremely important to have an interesting guide to make the trip more fascinating and exciting.

Language that will be used in the tour

You would want to be a part of such a tour where language is not a barrier. Even if one language can be used as the primary language for the whole trip, it can be beneficial if you can put down your query of other secondary language that can be used during the trip.

Food facility 

Food arrangement is as equally as important as other trip discussions. It is essential on your behalf to know whether the tour package is inclusive of the food or not. If it is not, you can ask about the provision of getting food arranged or delivered in the location. Otherwise, you will need to carry your own food and snacks.

Is the trip going to be physically exerting?

If you are unwell or not comfortable walking for long routes, it is important to confirm about it before the trip as a precautionary measure.

Most of the tour guides prefer to travel by foot rather than choosing trains or bus as a preferred option. So, just to be on a safer side, check this out before going on the tour.

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