Tips to Make Your Trip to Italy The Most Enjoyable

Italy has been the dream destination for almost everyone. There are several things that you need to consider when planning for a trip to Italy. You need to decide the right time to visit this city, places to visit, things to carry, accommodation and many more things. Advance preparation will help you in perfect execution of your trip. 


Rome is the most popular city in Italy. It has been an iconic European destination that has rich history, world-class cuisine and a vibrant local culture. It has the major transportation centers such as Ciampino Airport, Fiumicino Airport, Tiburtina Rail Station and Termini Rail Station. This makes it easy to reach this place from all major airports in the world. Italians are known to be very affectionate people. Driving in Italy will surely tell you the Italian way of life.


Venice is one of the most beautiful cities that is located in the northeastern coast of Italy. It is one of the top destinations in Italy that features popular canals, lovely architecture and a pleasant local culture. There are several destinations that provide pick up facility to residents in Venice. These are the Marco Polo airport, Piazzale Roma and Mestre Rail Station. You can pick a car on a rental basis with ease to make the most of your trip in Venice.


Florence is excellent destination in Italy where you will find a lot of mesmerizing attractions. It is one of the key regions of the Italian Renaissance. Florence has a rich historical significance that can be a major thing to explore. Knowledge about its distinctive set of customs makes traveling to this place a much better experience.


Milan is situated in northern region of Italy. It makes it one of the largest cities in Italy that is well-known as the “fashion capital” of the entire world. This place provides close proximity to transportation centers such as the Malpensa Airport, Linate Airport and Centrale Rail Station. This makes it an ideal destination for picking a rental car and starting your exploration of the region. 

Few tips to enjoy your stay in Italy

  • Do not order a cappuccino post 11 AM. This is because cappuccino is considered to be a breakfast drink. 
  • Due to intense heat, shops are generally closed in the afternoon. So, it is advised to take an afternoon “riposino” or nap and visit market after 4pm. This will give you improved chances to find open shops.
  • Ketchup is not acceptable on pizza and pasta. However, you can use it on burgers and fries. 
  • Eating sweet dish as the first meal (breakfast) of the day is considered to be a good beginning for the day in Italy. You can choose a classic Italian breakfast that comprises of a sweet pastry, a coffee, cappuccino or an orange juice. 


The above information will make you more familiar with most popular cities in Italy. All these beneficial travel tips will definitely help you make your Italy trip safe, peaceful and enjoyable.



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