Tips to Visiting in Malaga First time – 2019

Spain is a country that many look forward to visit. If you are also planning to travel to Spain anytime soon, then don’t forget to miss Malaga. This newly developed city has also made its way to one of the best places to visit in Spain for many reasons. Let’s look into what Malaga has to offer and how you can make the most of this city.

Internet is full of articles that talk about top 10 free attractions in Malaga and you can easily read those. While we can leave talking about the tourist attractions in Malaga for the next article, let’s talk about how you can make the most of this city in little time or money. Here are a few tips:

  • Buy a tourist pass – You may have a list of places to visit in Malaga in Spain and buying individual tickets be it for the monument or commute will make you spend a lot of money. The best bet is buying a tourist pass. You would be able to travel to unlimited places using different modes of transportation for several days using this pass. Not only you would save money but also have the comfort of not having to chalk out the struggle of deciding about which place to go and which one to leave. This is because, the tourist pass will give you a list of places you can easily visit.
  • Choose to go to monuments and museums during off hours – A number of museums and historical sites in Malaga offers different rates for groups, off hours, or even free visits. You just have to find out details regarding the off hours. You can save money on the ticket, which you may want to spend on trying some local delicacies of Spain.
  • Travel in local train or bus – If it’s possible then avoid private taxis to commute in the city. Train and local buses very well connect all the cities of Spain. Plus, traveling in the local bus and train is fun because you save money and also get to see many other commuters, and as they say “you can learn a lot about the culture of a place by looking at people”. 
  • Check in to local hotels and not those 5-star rated ones – Local hotels in Malaga are equally good as 5-star rated property in terms of service they offer. You can save big by staying at local hotels and not at those lavish ones. Plus, the staff at these hotels are friendly and they can become your guide for free.
  • Visit cafes on the street for actual taste – If you are little low on budget, then these cafes on street side are good place to have a meal. They are economical and offer local authentic food for a low price.

Whosoever thinks that traveling requires a lot of money is wrong. Traveling does require money but not a lot. All it requires is a little money and a lot of research. Happy exploring Malaga.

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