Top 10 Athens Sightseeing Tours 2019

Athens, the capital of Greek is known for its ancient culture of earliest civilization on Earth. Thus, it is a paradise for archaeologists and historians. Even common visitor roaming in the streets of Athens feel the essence of ancient Greek enclosed in modern world amenities. 

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The popular ten worthwhile visiting places in Athens:

  1. Parthenon: Nestled in Acropolis, the symbol of ancient civilization of Greek people is worth visiting. The monument is dedicated to the patron of the city Athena Parthenos who brought in the democracy in the Greek arena. The replica of the original Parthenon which was destroyed by the Persians is world class sculptor paradise. 
  2. The Agora: If you love to feel the essence of central market of the populous city, then make sure to allot time to visit the ancient central market surrounded by shopping centres, pubs and colourful shops. 
  3. Mount Lycabettus: This green mountain in the heart of Athens may seem like any other hill. However, when you climb its top you can view the awestruck scenery beauty of the whole city and beyond. There is an amphitheatre and a great foodie centre to lure travellers to climb the hill. If you aren’t inclined to climb, there is a train facility that takes you on top of the mountain. 
  4. National archaeological museum: It is ranked among the ten big museums in the world. It is the place where you experience Greek people loving their ancient arts and priceless treasures.  
  5. Plaka: If you love to walk or cycling then make sure to go to the innermost places of Athens, the Plaka. The popular Brettos distillery, restaurants serving multi cuisine food and pubs meeting place of locals as well as visitors makes the place a wonderful sightseeing place.
  • The temple of Poseidon: The ancient temple of the God of sea located in Sounion, a hill overlooking the sea is a holy place worth visiting. It has carved graffiti of Lord Bryon an essential monument praised highly by archaeologists. 
  • The temple of Olympia Zeus: Its construction started in the 6th century however it was left unfinished due to varied reasons. Later in 131AD emperor Hadrian completed the piece of past civilization architect signature monument. Originally, there were 104 Corinthian columns however now just fifteen of them remain. 
  • Athens Panathenaic stadium: It is famous for its fully marble finishing. It hosted the first modern Olympic games remodelled from the ruins of earlier stadium made of wood for the Panathenaic game, the original Olympic games. 
  • First cemetery of Athens: It is the most appropriate place to view the blend of modern and ancient architecture style. It is close to the historic stadium, Panathenaic and the temple of Olympian Zeus. It is the resting place of numerous scholar and great people influencing the democracy of Greek administration. 
  • Monastiraki flea market: Here the locals sell their goods of all kinds. The pubs and resorts lining the market are the entertaining place of locals as well as tourists. 

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