Top 10 Free Things to do in Edinburgh 2019

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and a city like none other. It is a perfect blend of inspirational history, romance and architectural splendour. This well-connected city is a must visit travel destination

This is also a backpacker’s paradise and perfectly fits those with a tight budget. Edinburgh will offer you plenty of opportunities to do many things without spending much. 

We are offering you information about few Edinburgh free attractions in this article and also you can explore few things by visiting the following website: Mentioned below are few things that you can do absolutely free in Edinburgh if you want to save some money for other expenses.

  • Visit St. Giles Cathedral

This is a 900 years old cathedral and is one of the important parts of the old town. The place has an interesting history that you can learn when you visit the cathedral. There is no entry fee charged however there is a small fee for taking photographs.  

  • Climb Arthur’s Seat

This medium side hill was created as a result of volcano that erupted about 350 million years ago. You will get mystical experience when you climb it. It may take about an hour to climb and make sure that it is not raining.

  • Visit Where Harry Potter Was Born

There is a sweet little café where author J.K. Rowling used to visit and got inspiration to write her first novel “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”.

  • Explore the Graveyards

If you are fond of exploring graveyards then there are 5 historical burial grounds from where you can discover graveyard of historical figures like David Hume and Adam Smith.

  • A Picnic on Calton Hill

For those who are on budget tour can plan a wonderful picnic on Calton Hill. Here you can enjoy your picnic in the surroundings natural beauty and see Edinburgh from top. 

  • Wander Through Free Museums

Near Royal Mile you can find a number of museums which you can visit without any entry free. 

  • Go for picturesque Water of Leith walk

There is a pathway of 12 miles long from Balerno to Leith, however you can walk as much as you can and you can see plenty of picturesque viewpoints.

  • Relax in a Scottish Pub

This may not be absolutely free however you can relax in any pub at the end of the day and enjoy the atmosphere of the pub along with your favourite drink.

  • Botanical Gardens

You can visit Royal Botanical garden of Edinburgh which was created way back in 1670. You can always find flowers or both common and rare variety and it is not too far from Dean village. These days, the garden is used for doing various new research. 

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