Do I Have to Join A Safer Drivers Course?

Those who have attained the age of 18 must consider joining safer driving course in your area. In order to do that, first you must obtain learners licence, which can be done easily.

As such, it is not important to complete  Safer Drivers Course , since it is really not demanded by Transport authority, but it will be a good idea to join such course. To learn more about such course read further.

Qualifications needed for joining this course

Following are the qualification required for joining such driving course:

  • Your age must be below 25 years
  • You should have completed at least driving for 50 hours including night driving
  • You also must hold valid learner licence

For joining safer driving course above are the basic requirements.

What does this course involve?

Following are 2 basic components of safer driving course:

  • Theory and learning

You will be engaged in discussions with all your instructors and peer groups and then learn about safe driving, engage in the defensive driving behaviour. Also, learn about various strategies for minimising your risk during driving car.

  • Practical in-car instruction

During this course, you will put all the learning from instruction of your class into practice.

Together with your trainer, you may execute various risk management behaviour and strategies that you have learnt regarding real-world driving situations. Also, learn more about various ways to adopt low-risk driving behaviour.

In addition to that, few other things that you may learn is about speed management, safe following distance, gap selection while turning, hazard/road awareness, how to apply brake during emergencies, and various other such topics and situations that you may not be discussed enough with your parent or supervising drivers while you learn to drive.

8 secrets of excellent driving

Following these tips for defensive driving will help in reducing your risk while you are driving:

  • Think safety first
  • Leave enough space between your car and car in the front.
  • Keep your door always locked
  • Fasten your seatbelt.


  • Know about your surroundings

Check the mirrors frequently to scan conditions both ahead and in your back. Slow down if you are driving too fast and keep your eye on pedestrian.

  • Do not try to depend on any other drivers

You must be considerate about others but do not assume other drivers will move out and allow you to pass. Plan your movements by anticipating worst-case scenario.

  • Follow 3 to 4 second rule

As more chance of collision is ahead of you, so use the 3 to 4 second rule and maintain safe distance to have enough time for applying brake if necessary.

  • Keep the speed down

Maintain your speed always within the speed limit of the road.

  • Have certain escape route

During every driving situation, best way of avoiding any dangers is by positioning your car where you have got best chance to escape unhurt.

  • Separate risks

While facing multiple risks, it will be best to manage one by one. Your aim is to avoid dealing with too many of risks simultaneously.

  • Cut out distractions

Any distraction that diverts attention from driving must be eliminated and stay focused fully on your driving task.

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