Few Informative Notes on COVID 19 Related to Strokes

In 2020, people have experienced the worst facets of COVID 19 pandemic. The actual issues as stated are that no scientist can give surety about the symptoms, treatment and adverse health effects of COVID 19. In such terrible situation, people already troubled with cardiovascular issues are in grave danger.

More about the possibility of risk of stroke in the COVID times:

  • The drastic health effects of virus spread in body can result in formation of blood clots that may eventually result in stroke. Some medical experts say that it can be possible to happen with asymptomatic patients of COVID 19. ┬áThe blood clots can even affect the lungs of the patients causing pulmonary embolism.

There are chances of it affecting the brain as smooth flow of blood is disturbed.  There are even chances that the patient may endure the signs of ischemic stroke. Medical professionals have started treating people having past health history of cardio problems are being treated with blood thinners.

  • There are chances of COVID illness causing increased plaque in the body that may lead to heart heath disorders. People suffering from influenza have reported to have suffered from plaque formation health issues.
  • According to neurologists, patients suffering from high blood pressure and cardio disorders when attacked by COVID enduring heart stroke is a possibility. In some cases, the patients reported to have pre existing of comorbidities has made them experience heart stroke as well.
  • COVID virus infectious spread can lead to hypercoagulable state, a neurological disorder that has a high chance to trigger cardiac arrest.
  • The infectious spreading of the side-effects can even imbalance the heart rhythm. That may give rise to brain hemorrhage in elderly patients eventually happening of hemorrhage stroke.
  • Patients having suffered from coronary artery ailments are at great risk as the blood pressure can easily shoot up and even their diabetic symptoms can lead to severe heart health issues.
  • Patients who have undergone cardiac surgery may be vulnerable for heart strokes in this COVID pandemic times.
  • Patients having dilated cardiomyopathy or treated for congenital cyanotic heart disorders are more prone to cardiac arrest.
  • Even pregnant women with heart diseases can endure stroke during this dreadful time.

These are the basic reasons for the rise in COVID patients suffering from cardiac arrest. People having past health issues have long term consequences and are suffering heart strokes.

Hence, this is the prime reason for regular warnings given to individuals suffering from heart health issues, diabetic individuals and people being treated for high blood pressure to stay safe at home and take all precaution against getting affected by COVID symptoms. Even when they get affected, it is best to reach for medical help immediately.

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