What Makes Chandeliers So Expensive?

In the modern era, light fixtures like chandeliers are a statement that suits both modern as well as traditional home structures. However, concepts and designs of chandeliers have changed a lot over the years. Nowadays those old wooden crosses with candles are not even considered as chandeliers anymore.

If you are thinking about adding a decent looking chandelier to your dining room or any other room, then you will be overwhelmed to see the available options. However, there are two important points which concern almost every homeowner – first the price range of chandeliers, and second its future maintenance cost.

As far as price is concerned, you can buy a chandelier for as low as $50 from online shopping websites. Then again, a big and designer piece can cost you anything from $250 to $300000. Yes, that’s the price range when we talk about chandeliers. Well, let’s see what makes chandeliers so expensive and what can you do to keep them sparkly for years…

Why are chandeliers expensive?

The two major factors affect the cost of chandeliers – its manufacturing cost and the type of crystals used in making them.

It takes a lot of expertise and experience to make a chandelier. Besides, there are hardly any manufacturers in the US and EU, and this means most of the chandeliers you see on the market are imported from other countries. Now, since so many levels are involved – importers, wholesalers, retailers, online stores, etc. it is understood that the price is going to go up step by step.

Next, the type of crystals used in making a chandelier affects its price as well. There are many different types of crystals available in the market, and only someone who is experienced enough can tell the difference. Nevertheless, if you wish to buy the real thing, it is best to buy from a genuine dealer like sofary.com.

Some of the commonly used crystals in chandeliers are:

  • Chinese Crystal
  • Italian Crystal
  • Turkish Crystal
  • Moroccan Crystal
  • Spectra Crystal
  • Swarovski Crystal

Maintaining a chandelier

Maintaining and cleaning a chandelier is usually not very difficult, but of course, it is time-consuming. It is recommended that you only use a feather or microfiber for cleaning a chandelier. There is no specific time interval you need to maintain for cleaning a chandelier. The best way is to check if it looks cloudy, then it’s time for some cleaning.

However, before you start cleaning, take a picture of your chandelier for your reference when you have to put it back together, and make sure you switch off the electricity. Also, never spray any cleaning agent directly on the chandelier. There are chances that other finishes that are not crystal might get damaged.

Lastly, if you have a chandelier with some complex design, it is best to call in professionals to clean it. You must have invested a good amount of money in that gorgeous looking light fixture, and so don’t ruin it.

Chandeliers are expensive, but since they are a statement piece that you take pride in owning, they are worth it. Just make sure you maintain them well, to keep their original sparkle.

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