Enjoy Staying In The Luxury Water Villas In The Maldives With Never-Ending Ocean Views

Do you love to enjoy this vacation with your family and friends? W Maldives is the most beautiful private island and luxury playground filled with white sand beaches, breathtaking reefs, turquoise lagoons, and more. Stay and enjoy nature with your family in this beautiful and luxurious resort. W Resorts Maldives brings you the complete mosaic of timeless moments suitable for getting good entertainment. Enjoy the tour of the clear waters on the Indian Ocean. W Resorts Maldives brings you the most amazing accommodations that include the Beachfront Bungalows as well as overwater villas. There is also plenty of dining options available on this beautiful island and these mainly showcase the cuisines of all types. W Maldives offers a wide number of activities that include yacht cruises, water sports, as well as a getaway for the private and secluded island.

Spacious And Luxurious Villa:

Located in Fesdu Island with 78 Escapes, W Resorts Maldives is one of the all-time favorite resorts for many number of tourists to enjoy their stay. W Maldives is equipped with the 3 Restaurants, and 2 Bars along with many other facilities such as a Water sports Center, Dive Center, Fitness Center, and Spa. Bi-level beach villa would mainly provide you the superior option for the island’s marine life. You could easily enjoy the over-water 1 Bedroom Maldives ocean villa that is mainly perched above the transparent lagoon. You could also conveniently enjoy the beautiful view of the contentment. Accommodating in the over-water one-bedroom lagoon villa Maldives especially unwinds the ultimate degree of 2 bedroom suites. It is mainly stretched over water, never-ending ocean views, a private playground of serenity, and more.

Fabulous Overwater Oasis:

Staying in the beautiful W Resorts Maldives would be helpful for enjoying the island’s marine life on an over-water bedroom Maldives ocean villa. These are also perched on the transparent lagoon and you could enjoy in the private plunge pool, private sundeck, and many more. Beach Oasis bi-level beach villa in the W Resorts Maldives is mainly included with the spacious outdoor lower deck which is set at the range of 118 square meters. These especially cover more numbers of custom amenities that would provide you the absolute tropical luxury. Wow Ocean Escape is one of the most spectacular options for relaxing your mind and body on the 2 bedroom suite that stretches on water. You could also easily enjoy the private playground of serenity along with the never-ending ocean views.

Adventurous Water Sports Activities:

Water sports in the Maldives are quite famous and people love to visit this spot for enjoying water sport activities. W Maldives is surrounded by turquoise waters. You can easily go windsurfing and enjoy seaside winds on the clear water. It would be great entertainment for getting the most majestic and happy holiday in the Maldives. Explore the waters surrounding the W Resorts Maldives or you can easily venture into the nearby uninhabited islands in the guided jet-ski tour in Wave Runner Jet Ski. You can also easily escape from the world below and go parasailing. There are also wide options for getting the best parasail boat to let you fly up above and glide in the sky and enjoy the vibrant Maldivian islands view.

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