Top 3 Benefits of Travel Incentive Programs Which You Should Know

Are you wondering how to reward your employees? If ‘yes’ then your perfect choice would be travel incentive programs. Travel incentive programs will be extremely useful in encouraging the employees in your company. Besides, most of the companies generally choose their top performers for travel incentive programs. Travel incentive programs can create that competitive atmosphere in your company due to which you will see a great improvement in your company’s sales.

Studies have also shown that travel incentives are one of the reasons behind the success of many companies. Companies also use travel incentive programs to retain their employees. In order to withstand the competition in the market you should definitely have the best employees in your company. Looking at the facilities in the other companies your employees may leave your organization. In order to control your company’s attrition, you could choose travel incentives.

Companies travel as an incentive program to improve their employee satisfaction and boost sales. Remember, people always forget cash rewards. Hence, it is better to spend that money for your employees by arranging travel incentive programs. There are plenty of companies which can design travel incentive programs for your employees as per your requirement. In fact, they will plan some good travel incentive programs for your employees to motivate them. They will also arrange lodging for your employees. No doubt, you will definitely find a great improvement in your business by making this small change in your company. Here are some benefits of travel incentive programs which you should definitely know.

  • Building A Strong Team: The success rate of any company generally depends on the employees working there. Besides, each and every employee should put in efforts to see an improvement in your business. Remember that, building a strong team is extremely important to see an improvement in your business. Your team should work together by supporting each other to achieve success. Travelling together can help your employees understand each other better. Better understanding results in improved business.
  • Improved Sales: Remember that, happy employees will generally be more productive. Travel incentive programs can make your employees very happy. Hence, you hire a travel incentive company to plan something good for your employees. 
  • Great Profits: Improved sales means improved profits. In short, you can enjoy great profit in your business by choosing the travel incentive programs for your employees.

These travel incentive programs don’t cost you more in general. Hence, you need not worry about your budget at all now. In order to hire the services of a travel incentive company all you have to do is choose a good company in your location and visit their website to send your request. They will get in touch with you immediately to know your requirements. Don’t forget to check the client reviews online before choosing a travel incentive company. There are also many sites online where you can find details of top-rated travel incentive companies. Take the help of such sites to make your job easy.


Some Valuable Questions You Can Ask Before Hiring A Travel Guide

It is exiting to hear a tour guide explain the context of a place you visited for the first time. With many people willing to travel alone, it’s not a bad idea to travel with a guide and attain a totally different kind of experience. 

Trip indicator helps you get a pre-booking done at a cheaper price and they ensure to provide you with the correct information and details related to all the bookings. Besides, reducing uncertain hassles in price fluctuation and cost expense, trip indicator can help you save a lot of money with all the marketing. You can check some of the top websites visit for  more sightseeing tours packages, but getting a pre-booking can help you get the best of deal at a reasonable price. 

If you can consider hiring guide for any upcoming trip, here are few questions you can ask before finalising on the tour. 

Know the details about the trip before finalizing?

Going to a new place can be quite fascinating. However, if the tour is on a topic that you already know like for example if you are a chef and you are taken to a place that is all about art and cooking you may not find it exciting or adventurous. On the other hand, an amateur who has no knowledge on the same topic will find the trip to be interesting. However, this may not always be the case but knowing and understanding about the trip in detail before finalising can be helpful. 

Knowing your guide

Knowing your guide is as important as knowing the details about your trip. Who is your guide and also the speciality of the individual and is he a knowledgeable historian? A well-known local guide who knows the story of the place you visited? It is extremely important to have an interesting guide to make the trip more fascinating and exciting.

Language that will be used in the tour

You would want to be a part of such a tour where language is not a barrier. Even if one language can be used as the primary language for the whole trip, it can be beneficial if you can put down your query of other secondary language that can be used during the trip.

Food facility 

Food arrangement is as equally as important as other trip discussions. It is essential on your behalf to know whether the tour package is inclusive of the food or not. If it is not, you can ask about the provision of getting food arranged or delivered in the location. Otherwise, you will need to carry your own food and snacks.

Is the trip going to be physically exerting?

If you are unwell or not comfortable walking for long routes, it is important to confirm about it before the trip as a precautionary measure.

Most of the tour guides prefer to travel by foot rather than choosing trains or bus as a preferred option. So, just to be on a safer side, check this out before going on the tour.


Top 10 Free Things to do in Edinburgh 2019

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and a city like none other. It is a perfect blend of inspirational history, romance and architectural splendour. This well-connected city is a must visit travel destination

This is also a backpacker’s paradise and perfectly fits those with a tight budget. Edinburgh will offer you plenty of opportunities to do many things without spending much. 

We are offering you information about few Edinburgh free attractions in this article and also you can explore few things by visiting the following website: Mentioned below are few things that you can do absolutely free in Edinburgh if you want to save some money for other expenses.

  • Visit St. Giles Cathedral

This is a 900 years old cathedral and is one of the important parts of the old town. The place has an interesting history that you can learn when you visit the cathedral. There is no entry fee charged however there is a small fee for taking photographs.  

  • Climb Arthur’s Seat

This medium side hill was created as a result of volcano that erupted about 350 million years ago. You will get mystical experience when you climb it. It may take about an hour to climb and make sure that it is not raining.

  • Visit Where Harry Potter Was Born

There is a sweet little café where author J.K. Rowling used to visit and got inspiration to write her first novel “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”.

  • Explore the Graveyards

If you are fond of exploring graveyards then there are 5 historical burial grounds from where you can discover graveyard of historical figures like David Hume and Adam Smith.

  • A Picnic on Calton Hill

For those who are on budget tour can plan a wonderful picnic on Calton Hill. Here you can enjoy your picnic in the surroundings natural beauty and see Edinburgh from top. 

  • Wander Through Free Museums

Near Royal Mile you can find a number of museums which you can visit without any entry free. 

  • Go for picturesque Water of Leith walk

There is a pathway of 12 miles long from Balerno to Leith, however you can walk as much as you can and you can see plenty of picturesque viewpoints.

  • Relax in a Scottish Pub

This may not be absolutely free however you can relax in any pub at the end of the day and enjoy the atmosphere of the pub along with your favourite drink.

  • Botanical Gardens

You can visit Royal Botanical garden of Edinburgh which was created way back in 1670. You can always find flowers or both common and rare variety and it is not too far from Dean village. These days, the garden is used for doing various new research. 


Tips to Make Your Trip to Italy The Most Enjoyable

Italy has been the dream destination for almost everyone. There are several things that you need to consider when planning for a trip to Italy. You need to decide the right time to visit this city, places to visit, things to carry, accommodation and many more things. Advance preparation will help you in perfect execution of your trip. 


Rome is the most popular city in Italy. It has been an iconic European destination that has rich history, world-class cuisine and a vibrant local culture. It has the major transportation centers such as Ciampino Airport, Fiumicino Airport, Tiburtina Rail Station and Termini Rail Station. This makes it easy to reach this place from all major airports in the world. Italians are known to be very affectionate people. Driving in Italy will surely tell you the Italian way of life.


Venice is one of the most beautiful cities that is located in the northeastern coast of Italy. It is one of the top destinations in Italy that features popular canals, lovely architecture and a pleasant local culture. There are several destinations that provide pick up facility to residents in Venice. These are the Marco Polo airport, Piazzale Roma and Mestre Rail Station. You can pick a car on a rental basis with ease to make the most of your trip in Venice.


Florence is excellent destination in Italy where you will find a lot of mesmerizing attractions. It is one of the key regions of the Italian Renaissance. Florence has a rich historical significance that can be a major thing to explore. Knowledge about its distinctive set of customs makes traveling to this place a much better experience.


Milan is situated in northern region of Italy. It makes it one of the largest cities in Italy that is well-known as the “fashion capital” of the entire world. This place provides close proximity to transportation centers such as the Malpensa Airport, Linate Airport and Centrale Rail Station. This makes it an ideal destination for picking a rental car and starting your exploration of the region. 

Few tips to enjoy your stay in Italy

  • Do not order a cappuccino post 11 AM. This is because cappuccino is considered to be a breakfast drink. 
  • Due to intense heat, shops are generally closed in the afternoon. So, it is advised to take an afternoon “riposino” or nap and visit market after 4pm. This will give you improved chances to find open shops.
  • Ketchup is not acceptable on pizza and pasta. However, you can use it on burgers and fries. 
  • Eating sweet dish as the first meal (breakfast) of the day is considered to be a good beginning for the day in Italy. You can choose a classic Italian breakfast that comprises of a sweet pastry, a coffee, cappuccino or an orange juice. 


The above information will make you more familiar with most popular cities in Italy. All these beneficial travel tips will definitely help you make your Italy trip safe, peaceful and enjoyable.




Tips to Visiting in Malaga First time – 2019

Spain is a country that many look forward to visit. If you are also planning to travel to Spain anytime soon, then don’t forget to miss Malaga. This newly developed city has also made its way to one of the best places to visit in Spain for many reasons. Let’s look into what Malaga has to offer and how you can make the most of this city.

Internet is full of articles that talk about top 10 free attractions in Malaga and you can easily read those. While we can leave talking about the tourist attractions in Malaga for the next article, let’s talk about how you can make the most of this city in little time or money. Here are a few tips:

  • Buy a tourist pass – You may have a list of places to visit in Malaga in Spain and buying individual tickets be it for the monument or commute will make you spend a lot of money. The best bet is buying a tourist pass. You would be able to travel to unlimited places using different modes of transportation for several days using this pass. Not only you would save money but also have the comfort of not having to chalk out the struggle of deciding about which place to go and which one to leave. This is because, the tourist pass will give you a list of places you can easily visit.
  • Choose to go to monuments and museums during off hours – A number of museums and historical sites in Malaga offers different rates for groups, off hours, or even free visits. You just have to find out details regarding the off hours. You can save money on the ticket, which you may want to spend on trying some local delicacies of Spain.
  • Travel in local train or bus – If it’s possible then avoid private taxis to commute in the city. Train and local buses very well connect all the cities of Spain. Plus, traveling in the local bus and train is fun because you save money and also get to see many other commuters, and as they say “you can learn a lot about the culture of a place by looking at people”. 
  • Check in to local hotels and not those 5-star rated ones – Local hotels in Malaga are equally good as 5-star rated property in terms of service they offer. You can save big by staying at local hotels and not at those lavish ones. Plus, the staff at these hotels are friendly and they can become your guide for free.
  • Visit cafes on the street for actual taste – If you are little low on budget, then these cafes on street side are good place to have a meal. They are economical and offer local authentic food for a low price.

Whosoever thinks that traveling requires a lot of money is wrong. Traveling does require money but not a lot. All it requires is a little money and a lot of research. Happy exploring Malaga.


Top 5 Tourism Attractions in Madrid

Madrid is one of the most popular cities in Spain. Besides, this city has the world’s best tourism attractions. The city is especially famous for vibrant nightlife, museums, parks and food. Madrid is not only the most popular city in Spain but also the 3rd largest city in EU (European Union). By this time, you would have understood that there are so many places to visit in Madrid. Madrid is one city which is packed with beautiful resorts, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and pubs.  You can choose either public transport or hire a car or bike to visit all the tourism attractions in Madrid. 

If you think that you have enough time in your hands to visit all the hot spots in Madrid then you can choose public transport. If you don’t want to waste your time anywhere and quickly visit all the popular spots in Madrid then you better hire either a bike or car. You can also choose the private bus tours to visit all the tourism attractions in Madrid comfortably. 

If you haven’t visited Madrid anytime before then you better to take a guided tour. There are so many travel companies in Spain to help the tourists in booking their room, renting a car or bike and etc. You can take the help of such companies to enjoy your trip without any worries. 

# Popular Tourism Attractions

Here is the list of places which you should definitely visit in Madrid. Don’t miss to visit these places if you really want to enjoy your Madrid trip.

  • The Palacio Real: This is one of the Madrid’s largest buildings in Madrid. Besides, so many tourists from different corners of the world visit Madrid to enjoy the beauty of this palace. This palace has 3418 rooms and this palace looks great especially during night time. The atmosphere here also looks great. Spend some quality time with your family members here to make your trip more memorable.
  • Plaza Mayor: Plaza Mayor is also one of the popular tourism attractions in Madrid. It looks extremely stunning. Besides, there are so many restaurants and bars around this Plaza. Enjoy the drinks and live music there with your friends there to have loads of fun.
  • Temple of Debod: This Egyptian temple in Madrid looks very unique. The atmosphere here very relaxing. Trust me it is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious tapas near this temple. Watch the sunset from this place and it looks really amazing. 
  • Buen Retiro Park: This is also one of the best places to visit in Madrid. Enjoy the exhibitions and boating here to have loads of fun. Besides, this place looks very peaceful.
  • Las Ventas: If you want to see the bullfight then you must definitely visit this place. This place is worldwide famous for bullfighting. 

Book a bus tour to visit all these places enjoying with your family members and friends. Visit for Sightseeing bus tours in Spain.

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Top 6 Must See Places in Venice

Venice is a very popular city in Italy. Besides, this city has the world’s most beautiful canals and historic attractions. This city will be crowded with tourists always irrespective of the season. Enjoy nightlife here with your friends and you will definitely love it. 

# Must see places in Venice

Have a look below to know about the popular tourism attractions in Venice.

  • Grand Canal: This is one of the most beautiful places in Venice. Besides, you will find a lot of beautiful palaces, restaurants and cafes alongside the canal. This canal looks even more beautiful at night. Don’t miss to watch the sunset from this place. This is also famous honeymoon spot in Venice. Enjoy the boat ride here with your better half to make your trip more memorable.
  • Doge’s Palace: This palace looks extremely stunning. Besides, it is located on the bank of Grand Canal. No doubt, you will definitely fall in love with the beauty of this palace.
  • Rialto Bridge: This Bridge is built over the Grand Canal. Besides, this is a very popular tourist place in Venice. This is also one of the popular photo spots in Venice. Try different poses with your friends or family members here to make your trip more memorable. Watch the boats passing under the bridge here to have some good time.
  • Ca’ Rezzonico: This is one of the famous museums in Venice. Even this museum is located on the bank of Grand Canal. You can find paintings, sculpture and furniture of 18th century here. 
  • Jewish Museum: Jewish museum is also very famous in Venice. Besides, this museum is founded in the year 1954 by the Jewish community of Venice. You can learn about the history of Jews here. 
  • Santa Maria Della Salute: This is one of the most beautiful, largest and popular churches in Venice. Do visit this church with your loved ones when you visit Venice this time. 

# Tips to plan your trip perfectly

  • Room Booking: Make your room bookings in advance always to avoid rushing up at the end moment. Most of the resorts and hotels charge more for rooms during peak seasons. Hence, it is always better to book your room in advance i.e. during off season to save your money.
  • Rent a Bike or Car: If you are visiting Venice for the first time then you may not have proper idea about the local bus timings there. Hence, it is better to hire a bike or car to travel comfortably without waiting for anything. Moreover, when you hire a rental car or a bike you will have freedom to go wherever you want to in Venice. Trust me you can save a lot of time by hiring a rental car or a bike.

If you don’t have any idea about all these things then you better take help of a travel company to plan your trip perfectly. There are also some websites online where you can compare the prices of bus tours, hotel rooms and car rental services. Visit for City tours.


Top 10 Athens Sightseeing Tours 2019

Athens, the capital of Greek is known for its ancient culture of earliest civilization on Earth. Thus, it is a paradise for archaeologists and historians. Even common visitor roaming in the streets of Athens feel the essence of ancient Greek enclosed in modern world amenities. 

Tourists from all over the globe makes sure to add Athens in their wish list of tours. The TripIndicator guide helps million of tourists to travel Athens and the nearby spots without any trouble in a cost-effective way. 

The popular ten worthwhile visiting places in Athens:

  1. Parthenon: Nestled in Acropolis, the symbol of ancient civilization of Greek people is worth visiting. The monument is dedicated to the patron of the city Athena Parthenos who brought in the democracy in the Greek arena. The replica of the original Parthenon which was destroyed by the Persians is world class sculptor paradise. 
  2. The Agora: If you love to feel the essence of central market of the populous city, then make sure to allot time to visit the ancient central market surrounded by shopping centres, pubs and colourful shops. 
  3. Mount Lycabettus: This green mountain in the heart of Athens may seem like any other hill. However, when you climb its top you can view the awestruck scenery beauty of the whole city and beyond. There is an amphitheatre and a great foodie centre to lure travellers to climb the hill. If you aren’t inclined to climb, there is a train facility that takes you on top of the mountain. 
  4. National archaeological museum: It is ranked among the ten big museums in the world. It is the place where you experience Greek people loving their ancient arts and priceless treasures.  
  5. Plaka: If you love to walk or cycling then make sure to go to the innermost places of Athens, the Plaka. The popular Brettos distillery, restaurants serving multi cuisine food and pubs meeting place of locals as well as visitors makes the place a wonderful sightseeing place.
  • The temple of Poseidon: The ancient temple of the God of sea located in Sounion, a hill overlooking the sea is a holy place worth visiting. It has carved graffiti of Lord Bryon an essential monument praised highly by archaeologists. 
  • The temple of Olympia Zeus: Its construction started in the 6th century however it was left unfinished due to varied reasons. Later in 131AD emperor Hadrian completed the piece of past civilization architect signature monument. Originally, there were 104 Corinthian columns however now just fifteen of them remain. 
  • Athens Panathenaic stadium: It is famous for its fully marble finishing. It hosted the first modern Olympic games remodelled from the ruins of earlier stadium made of wood for the Panathenaic game, the original Olympic games. 
  • First cemetery of Athens: It is the most appropriate place to view the blend of modern and ancient architecture style. It is close to the historic stadium, Panathenaic and the temple of Olympian Zeus. It is the resting place of numerous scholar and great people influencing the democracy of Greek administration. 
  • Monastiraki flea market: Here the locals sell their goods of all kinds. The pubs and resorts lining the market are the entertaining place of locals as well as tourists. 

Read the Athens bus tour reviews from popular touring sites before planning to visit the capital city of Greek. 



4 Growth Hacks For Hospitality Businesses

With the rise of the tourism industry in nearly every part of the world, hospitality businesses are booming. Hotels, homestays, bed and breakfasts, and guest houses, are gaining more traction because of their ability to accommodate tourists.

Indie travel magazine Hayo said aside from the location of the accommodation and, of course the budget, tourists also consider the amenities available in choosing for a place to stay. 

Examples are in-room dining, smart keys, infrared sensors, commercial washing machines (see: Continental Girbau), and many others. In fact, some companies develop technologies specifically geared towards the hospitality industry.

Here are some tips to expand your hospitality business:


Travelers often carry limited pairs of clothes due to luggage restrictions. Give them the option to wash, rinse, and dry by offering laundry services. It’s a small change but one that will surely be met with enthusiasm, especially when you consider the hassle of dealing with dirty laundry while on a vacation. offers innovative commercial washing machines “engineered for bolstered throughput, efficiency, durability and unmatched results” that are best suited for heavy use, like hotels and sports clubs, for instance.

Their robust laundry systems are backed by personal customer care and industry-leading warranties and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner, assuring not only great quality but also a regard for ethical consumerism.

Medical Access

It’s better to be safe than sorry. No one wants accidents to happen, especially not during a vacation. Put your guests at ease by offering emergency response and basic first aid equipment.

Hire a doctor and a nurse, and invest on first aid kits. The last of the three should contain plasters of different shapes and sizes, eye dressings, bandages, sterile gloves, safety pins, thermometers, and basic pharmaceuticals for common problems like allergies, skin rashes, insect bites, coughs, and colds.

Of course, you don’t want anything bad to happen to your guests, but you need to stay ready in case something does happen.


The accessibility of a hotel or homestay is one of the most important priorities for tourists. In fact, LinkedIn says tourism expands more when there are better transportation systems.

Proximity to in-demand locations and tourist spots will attract more patrons. However, if you are a little outside these areas, don’t worry.

Consider investing in a vehicle that can be used as a service to entice tourists. After all, who can say no to comfortable and worry-free rides?

Guided Tours

If you already have transportation, why not consider doing guided tours? Most hotels or homestay owners are locals. You know the place, the people, and the history so why not capitalize on that?

Aside from the most popular destinations and tourist spots, bring your guests to places off the beaten path. Show them gems that are equally Instagram-worthy, but not as exposed as the main touristy areas.

Not only will this benefit your business, you’ll also be opening up new areas to tourism.


These are just few examples of how you can grow in the hospitality business. Other factors, like advertising and coordination with local government can follow later. Nonetheless, these tips are quick and easy–plus, they don’t cost too much.



What to Pack for a Ski Trip

What to pack for Ski Holidays can appear to be a Herculean task. You absolutely would prefer not to overlook something or to leave critical gear at home. Skiing expects you to be comfortable and anything less will make you race toward the cabin. Your solitary choice will be to buy overrated outfit on the mountain or misuse a whole outing. Regardless of whether you’re skiing in the North America, Europe or South America, you should be warm and agreeable in your gear. 

Plan what to wear 

You will feel substantially more better following multi day in mountains in comfortable pants and shirt, soft sweater or sweats. Remember that temperatures do change a great deal amid a day and night in mountain resorts, so make sure to have more layers of dress accessible. Make sure to bring a sound pair boots that you can use for strolling in the snow. Beyond any doubt you’ll have your ski or snowboard boots on more often, yet once you’re off the mountain, have some agreeable and warm footwear for a leisure time. 

Garments to use off the mountains incorporate every day and supper outfits and footwear, robe, swimwear and shoes. 

Other essential things incorporate visa, ticket, money, Mastercards, wallet, earphones, telephone, charger, tablet, selfie stick and things like that. Likewise remember a camera for some epic mountain shots. 

Your first ski or snowboarding trip will be energizing, yet it ought to likewise include some planning and keen packing decisions. Here are some valuable tips how to get ready for a ski trip. These might improve your travel.

  1. 1. Effective base layers are the way to every warm ski ensemble and ought to be at the plain best of your packing list. You ought to layer up with delicate fleece Icebreakers. These base layers are usually warm and comfortable that you won’t have any desire to take them off! They can be folded up and squeezed into the tightest corners of your bag. 
  2. 2. Make certain your packing has waterproof and warm mittens and an adaptable pair of glove liners. Your hands and fingers won’t even have a hint that  they’re being pelted with chilly air as you ski downhill. 
  3. 3. Goggles are a standout amongst other investments which have to be included in your ski gear. You will cherish the presence of anti-fog goggles which are mostly suitable for various lighting conditions. They have usually an extraordinary fit. You will overlook the fact that you have them on! 
  4. 4. A top quality jacket is not only enjoyable to wear but also a very essential accessory for your chilly sojourn. In addition, when you’re making sense of what to pack for skiing and other snow fun, a solid coat is an absolute necessity. You will feel definitely no cold when you have a jacket on along with other different layers. It is really good if the jacket is waterproof. 
  5. 5. What to bring skiing must incorporate the right pair of socks. Uncomfortable feet implies less time on the slopes and a major chunk of time in the hotel. 

Getting fit before a ski trip 

Skiing trips will require a considerable amount of energy and will leave your muscles sore. This is most likely something you can’t stay away from. The better physical shape you’ll have, the more you’ll have the capacity to keep going on the hills and appreciate the ride. 

Tune up your skis or snowboard 

If you are taking your own skis or board to the travel, try to have it tuned up. It’s critical to do as such to be safe and sound on the mountains.